Incredible Offer ending tomorrow – 20% off Online Sessions

Coping with pandemic
Incredible Offer ending tomorrow – 20% off Online Sessions

I’ve been riding a bit of a high in the past couple of months – I just have been incredibly lucky to have started dating someone new and am going through NRE (new relationship energy) in the midst of this crisis. However, whenever I look around I can clearly see we’re all struggling with so much ambiguity, fear and uncertainty. Many of you have told me how hard it is to stay calm, grounded and positive. I’ve also heard from you on how difficult it is to not see your loved ones, feel isolated and sensually not engaged…

My husband has been out of work for a few months now, kids are at home, in person private sessions have been halted – we’re all in the same boat. Let’s make it a fun ride, let me share some of my “high” with you! Please take advantage of 20% off online sessions (offer expires end of day March 31st) and connect with me for some sexy / healing one-on-one time xoxo DM for details.

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