Managing Difficult Emotions: P3

Managing Difficult Emotions, Three part Series. Part three. (Please read previous parts here: Part One & Part Two)
4. Processing
  • Processing happens differently for different emotions and people
  • Hitting a sofa with a pillow, having a temper tantrum on the floor when alone and ripping paper are great ways to release anger
  • Crying and journaling work well for pain, as do any types of artistic expression (collages, paintings, playing music)
  • Dancing and exercising are other excellent ways to move any energy through your body
5. Support
  • Please don’t underestimate how valuable help of others is – a loving hug, friendly conversation are all excellent ways to receive support
  • Nature walks, hugging a tree, feeling sunrays on your skin, Epson salt bath time
  • Energy Healing and Meditation are other excellent ways to balance out the emotions and connect deeper into yourself
6. Positive Change
  • Once the emotion moves through you and you’re in a more balanced state – try to figure out what were the unmet needs behind the emotion
  • Make a simple action plan on how to make changes in your life to allow yourself more of happiness and joy focusing on bringing love and healing to your inner child

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