Decadent Play Party – Erotica

decadent play party
Decadent Play Party – Erotica

It was a party to remember… Medieval dungeon space. Torture chamber with so many tools and gadgets that Alice was in complete disbelief and owe. Was she in a dream? Or better yet – a nightmare?

A tall, beautiful dark-haired woman was bound to an X-shaped cross. Her elegant partner had an arsenal of floggers and crops. He was delivering the hits in gracious and rhythmical movements. Pleasure on her face was undeniable. At times, he would connect with her to sense into her world. Only to resume the sensation dance, fully engrossed into the new and exciting rhythm.

Upstairs boudoir space contained a few scenes, one of which was a rope suspension. Young woman – bonded and suspended in the air, floating as in trance. The experienced rope master – playing with the energy of tightness, gravity and flight. Weaving fantasies into the reality and connecting the ropes into exquisite, restraining patterns.

A handsome tall man with dark wavy hair dominated his partner in a school girl themed room. Using two floggers interchangeably, he created a mystical twirling energy pattern. Tantalized by this scene, Alice couldn’t move and just sensed into the frequency. The feeling was that of a decadent trance, sensual and fluid interconnecting dance of energy. For a moment, she almost felt envious of his partner…

For the first time in her life, Alice was witnessing a Pro Domme playing with a man. He was tied to a medieval chair. Completely helpless and at her full disposal – neck, wrists, feet – cuffed into a position. She took a flogger and began the sensation play. Confidently, with a smile, in a professional calculated manner. She gently increased the sensations, slapping his nipples, thighs, feet, crotch… The man was stoically taking the pain until he could not silently do it anymore. He started making sounds – low, growling, masculine sounds of an animal.

Alice intensely felt the scene. Almost motherly-like caring notion came over her, she wanted to free him. Hold him. Rid him of her, even though she knew that he was enjoying this play. To her great surprise, Alice was aroused at the same time. The energy with which pro Domme dominated him. How she opened his leather underwear front pocket and exposed his penis. How she played with him roughly. There was a mix of pain and pleasure, torture and care, black and white.

There’s no white without the black, thought Alice. There’s no light without a darkness. Light is only made apparent by the shadows it casts. Perhaps, the real pleasure comes in contrast to pain.

Tantalizing whirlpool of emotions and sensations… Definitely a party to remember…

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