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The sensual You

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself constantly by creating new neural pathways and losing those which are no longer used. Encouraging the brain’s neuroplasticity is the key to changing negative patterns of thinking into the positive ones.

Some of the best ways to affect the neural pathways’ changes are: Repetition, Practice of Thinking, Feeling, Visualizations, Strong Emotions and Mindfulness.
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The following exercise takes into an account all of the above to creates a comprehensive program of change.

The Sensual You: How to embrace the Body and love the Sensual Force in you

Practice this exercise 3 times a week for 5 minutes. This will help rewire your conditioning from body negativity into self-love and acceptance of newly formed neural networks in only 3 weeks.

  • Turn on a Sensual music that gets your blood going and stand in front of a mirror
  • Close your eyes and tune into the sensations of your body as you’re slowly starting to move with the music
  • Feel the exciting musical rhythm entering your body and start deepening into and embracing the movements your body wants to make
  • Notice the ease with which your body responds, the feeling of excitement and pleasure spreading into your heart and around your lower abdomen
  • Bring on a sexy memory of an amazing experience you’ve had solo or with someone
  • Embrace the energy of the sensual woman within you, say yes to her and lose yourself in the dance
  • Lovingly caress, stroke or massage your skin, placing hands around your lower stomach, womb, ovaries
  • When you feel ready please open your eyes, gently look at your reflection and focus on loving the totality of your beautiful spirit, embracing the sensual movement within you – you’re gorgeous!
  • Tell yourself: I love you, You’re are wonderful! (feel free to replace with anything that feel more authentic) and feel into the intense sensation of self acceptance and love

Gorgeous photo by amazingly talented photographer Vinny Kim @vkimphoto + [email protected]

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