Thank you for coming out to today’s meditation webinar

Had a blast today during the free morning webinar going over sex toys, sensuality boost ideas, reading erotica, showing Energy Orgasm video and leading a healing infused meditation.

P. S. Below are some of the ways the meditation has affected everyone, so grateful to those who came out!

• This meditation really shoots me to the stars, serious shift to 5D
• I felt an enormous field of energy at the end, electricity filled my body
• I feel totally relaxed and light headed
• Head to toe my body became energized
• Yes light headed, tingling all over the body, my whole body was like a huge pounding heartbeat, I was fully immersed in a rainbow crystalline light
• Light headed and waves of energy
• It s very energetic, like a trance state
• My extremities are all relaxed now.

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