Busy holding onto your unworthiness.


“Your problem is you’re… too busy holding onto your unworthiness.”
Ram Dass

Yes. There’s a personal story connected to this saying. One day at a rock climbing gym as I was reaching the top of the tall climbing wall I had a moment of intense fear. “You can’t do it”, – the fear said to me “this is unsafe, you will fall down, you’re just not strong enough”. It was a momentary uncomfortable experience, fear gripping my whole body and thoughts racing in my head. I looked down and saw my partner belaying me (essentially I was being held by a strong rope and so no matter what would happen, the worst outcome would’ve been me just dangling a bit in the air until I grabbed onto a stone again). I took a deep breath and looked up and noticed that I only had 3 more stones to go, I knew I was physically strong enough to proceed. And then it hit me “I was the one stopping myself. Always”. This judgemental, at times angry, at times fearful voice inside of me was responsible for so many moments of me freezing and abandoning my goals, visions and dreams. Literally stopping myself from shining my light and achieving my dreams.

I saw it with so much clarity for what it was – just a fearful little voice that was not rooted in the reality at all. I went for the last three stones despite the fear and reached the top of the wall. Ever since then, I always try to aim for a pause between feeling the fear / judgement and making a decision to back away from my goal or proceed. I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. And so can you! Please give me thumbs up if you agree and/or share your thoughts on how you’re stopping yourself.

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