Parallel Universe – Erotica

parallel universe
Parallel Universe – Erotica (Read more stories and get my book at

“Multiverse theorists argue that the continuous expansion of the universe has produced various pockets of energy that ended up expanding at a much faster rate and created several other pocket universes of their own.”

Feeling the rope surround and caress her body, listening to the sounds of binaural beat patterns, Alice was floating in and out of consciousness… Into a state of trans. Lightness. Energy. Peculiar visions, woven together as a bouquet of sensations and memories surrounded her…

A beautiful dark-haired woman wearing a loose fitted white dress – tied up and displayed for all to see. In a spectacle, worship or sacrifice? Strange, distant memories suddenly encircled her. Was this a different lifetime? Sounds, colors, faces… She couldn’t tell.

Tracey was playing with her body and the energy field. Charging, moving the waves from the sacrum to her head and beyond. Touching her clitoris, fingering Alice’s G spot.

Suddenly, faces shifted, changed and morphed into intricate energy lines. Gold and purple patterns of light and color – sacred geometry. She was consciousness. Pure white light surrounded her. An unbelievable mix of joy, surrender, love and pleasure. Oneness. Ecstasy. An overwhelming feeling of depth.

Tracey entered her. Melting as one. She couldn’t get close enough to him. Energy from his cock shot straight up her vertical power current and exploded out of her third eye energy center.

This was a place she could call her home. Not the beautiful two-storey gray house with the maroon door she lived in. Not even the fit and sensual body she currently occupied… It was the vast energetic ocean of oneness.

Time and time again they’ve met in this universe alternative to ours. To connect as one. Perhaps, a part of them has never left that dimension at all.

Alice has exploded in a strong orgasm. Catharsis was so powerful that she couldn’t stop sobbing. Tears pouring out of her eyes.

Slowly she came back to the reality. The candle lit room, their tight intertwined naked bodies reflecting the dancing flames. Earth. Life.

Until we meet again.

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