Squirting G Spot + Clitoral, Cervical and Energy Orgasms

Sexual Guidance: Squirting
Squirting G Spot + Clitoral, Cervical and Energy Orgasms

I remember one day when I became very curious about wanting to experience Squirting and G Spots orgasms… As usual – when I have the goal to achieve I try to focus on it as much as I can 😉 I set the intention to learn everything I could on the subject and, of course, practice!

Understanding anatomy and physiology is quite important when it comes to locating the magical G Spot. Then came workshops, books, video research and later – lots of toys/play sessions. I kept working at it and one day – achieved an amazing, exploding full body G-spot orgasm with ejaculation. I never looked back since! Though, I now joke that I never can have a play session without a towel lol. We live in duality after all and there are pluses and minuses to all wonderful achievements.

In addition to wonderful G-Spot pleasure, this wonderful and educational workshop covers:

  • Different kinds of female orgasms (for people with clitorises and vaginas, and those that love them)
  • Increasing pleasure, connection deepening (with oneself and partner)
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Q and A
  • We will go over many pleasure increasing tips and ideas on adding more spice in
  • Speak about an incredible clitoris (spoiler alert: it’s a lot more than just a small little button)
  • Cover G-spot and squirting stimulation techniques (some background information can be found here: https://spiritsexlab.com/2018/02/20/squirting-g-spot-orgasms-2/)
  • Go over Cervical orgasms and
  • Touch upon Energy Orgasms, energy centers and ways to move our energy (Here’s a bit of a background info on what energy orgasms are all about: https://spiritsexlab.com/2018/03/02/spiritual-connection-energetic-orgasms/)

Here’s a video on my orgasmic journey and why I’m so passionate about this work: https://spiritsexlab.com/energy-healing-services/

Please Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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