10 ways to process emotions

10 ways to process emotions

Do you ever feel overcome by emotions? There are so many – typically the “negative ones” we tend to have an issue with experiencing / processing. In our culture we are not taught ways of identifying, allowing and accepting our feelings. The truth is, while fear, sadness or anger may be very uncomfortable to experience, they are waves of energy passing over us. The key is to name, witness and allow. Below is a list of ideas I’ve compiled over the years on processing a range of negative emotions.

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What’s your favorite way to process?

  1. Rage Room – break things
  2. Rip paper
  3. Ecstatic Dance
  4. Scream in the shower
  5. Hit a sofa with a pillow
  6. Have a tantrum on the floor
  7. Allow tears and pain to overcome and witness
  8. Journal
  9. Hug trees and watch water flow
  10. Mindful body scan (please get it at https://spiritsexlab.com/2019/04/04/healing-body-scan-meditation/)

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