Connection: Self, Inner Child

Inner Child

Yesterday was quite a day focused on conflict resolution, thank you so much for everyone who reached out and offered to support me – you guys are the best! What happens in conflicts is that often the pain comes from the wounded child part of ourselves… We also feel defensive and may act in hurtful ways as we’re acting out of that pain-filled, young energetic space. Here’s more info on Inner Child work, want to shine some light into your darkness and heal? Join me August 13th, 7pm EST for a FREE healing webinar.

Inner Child
is the part of us that is rebellious, at times hurt, lost, unsure of oneself and is defensive. We all have these elements of frozen energy consciousness. Inner children react to past hurts and need to be loved and attended to. Please learn to identify your wounded children, learn what their needs are and hold them close to your heart:

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