Sex Drive Differences – Play Ideas

Remote D/S Play

Some of you wanted to hear about my play idea last Saturday. This would work well for anyone who’d like to add more spice into play and change up your sensual routine, try out Domination / Submission ideas or wants to even out the field if one of the partners is feeling less up for play than the other. This can work well in person or long distance via video screen sharing.

Like, share, tag your playmates and let me know what you think about this idea!

Remote D/S Play:

  • Decide who wants to be on the receiving end of the stimulation tonight (or could both experience this game simultaneously)
  • The person who’s in control will play a dominant role directing their partner(s) to pleasure themselves using a variety of toys, their own hands etc.
  • The D type (Dominant) can be fully dressed, seating directly across the S (Submissive) which could be consequently fully or partially naked just to show off the difference in status 😉
  • They can then direct the S to take their hands, apply a bit of coconut oil or lube and play with themselves, controlling their every move, asking them to use toys (for penetration – anally or vaginally) or external stimulation of the penis / clitoris etc.
  • This play may involve edging – i.e. not letting the S orgasm for a while, asking them to do something for D (give pleasure, dirty talk, dive into a fantasy etc.)
  • Suggestive play may include S. licking a banana, toy, grapefruit etc. suggesting what they would do to their partner if they could

Enjoy this playful domination and submission, switch it up by dressing up or down, trying different toys, controlling your partner in a covert way in a public setting and let me know what your favourite kinky D/S game are 😉

Beautiful photo by @deckardphotographer

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