Healing Your Wounds Webinar Aftermath

Healing Wounds

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our Healing Meditation and Mindfulness session yesterday. We focused on selfawareness, inner contact, setting intentions and shining some light onto blockages we may have inside. Many have reported feeling deep inner peace and happily falling asleep 😉 Remember, healing work is very potent whether or not you’re awake 🙂

Missed the webinar and would like a FREE recording? Please DM for your copy and fall asleep with me lol. Here’s what some of the participants thought about the webinar. Join my next one on Energy Orgasms here: www.spiritsexlab.com/events

  • “Meditation was very helpful for grounding me to listen to my self differently today.”
  • “Meditation was super  – your voice is very soothing! I completely fell asleep and felt refreshed and balanced.”
  • “Thank you for the webinar. The Universe had me fall asleep for most of your talk”
  • “You’ve helped me really feel and understand the importance of mindful body scan, breathing and meditation. So grateful!”
  • “Thanks so much for the great webinar! I like interactions and engagement of participants. Love the slides and your energy and all chakra activations!”



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