September 10, 7pm – Alice’s Sexy Tales Live Erotica Reading + Q & A

Alice's Tales Webinar

Join this FREE* with any book add-on purchase (support your favorite blogger ;)) Exclusive Alice’s Sexy Tales webinar and listen to mind-blowing sexual stories (not included in the book) Alice has experienced that will surely inspire you to play out your own deep seated fantasies and help you unleash your sensual desires. Stay for an open, judgement-free conversation about sexuality, tantra, kink, polyamory and open relationships storytelling and sexy banter.

When: September 10th, 7.00 PM
Where: Online (link sent upon registration)
Base Price: $15 (you get a PDF version if Alice in Polyland book that is $15)
Sign Up: (and pick one of the Book option add-ons to complete your Registration (starting from just $15. See Options here:

I hear this over and over again from my lovely clients – it feels so freeing and wonderful to openly talk about sex. Moreover, I’ve been collecting ideas on spicy sexy solo and coupled play for ages! Ask me anything you’d like, chat with other open-minded attendees – learn about various relationship lifestyles, toys, kink, spiritual sexuality and more. After all, sexuality is a great gateway to achieve mind blowing pleasure, deeper connection with self and others, higher states of consciousness, personal growth and ultimately love. 

My deep desire and hope are to inspire you to play out your own deep seated fantasies and help you unleash your desires, empower and motivate you to discover your personal  gifts and take another step in the journey toward living  authentically-aligned lives full of love, pleasure, self-acceptance,  connection, and passion.

Together we will:

  • Listen to spicy erotica stories written and read by me 😉
  • Openly chat about anything without reservations – group sex, polyamory, kink, sexy bloopers etc.
  • Learn many ways to approach play creatively
  • Have an open judgement-free conversation combating shame and guilt
  • Set intention and take steps towards your own unique life path, freedom and pleasure

Here’s what others have thought of their session with me:

“Received my package today – everything is absolutely incredible! I’l be delving into the book in the following days. Thank you again for everything and for the sensational pics!”
B. K.
Alice in Polyland book reader

“Alice in Polyland book is excellent. Let me know when your next comes out. I definitely find myself wanting to read more. Your lack of inhibitions and sexual freedom is very refreshing. I appreciate all your insights from your experiences.”
E. K.
Alice in Polyland book reader

*with any Alice in Polyland book add-on purchase starting from only $15

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