Energy Orgasm Solo Female Model Needed

Energy Orgasm

Are you a woman living in GTA and curious to learn Energy Orgasms ($975+ current value) ABSOLUTELY FREE? Are you open to being my model for up to 2 hours in early December (in person, in a large room, with safety precautions in place, fully clothed etc.) while I’m filming an Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery Course? Then please DM for more info <3

Some of the benefits of Energy Orgasms include:

  • Raising your sensitivity and increasing body awareness
  • Taking your sex life to the next level by experiencing enhanced level of pleasure
  • Diving into body, mind, heart and soul orgasm
  • Connecting more deeply with yourself, your lovers and sexuality
  • Learning to be more present and mindful
  • Centering into yourself and deepening into relaxation
  • Releasing Stress and Anxiety
  • Letting go of emotional and intimate blocks
  • Balancing your emotions and raise your energy levels
  • Experiencing potent healing and energy movement
  • Manifesting your desires

And so much more! Can’t wait to connect! Please DM

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