Relationship Spice: Meet my wonderful client P. F.

Couple Testimonial

Meet my wonderful client P. F., a successful professional from USA

P. and I have been exploring Personal TransformationRelationshipsSexual Guidance and other connection deepening topics.

Here’s what P’s experience has been like: “I went work with Evguenia because I didn’t want to risk my relationship getting stale. We are both very adventurous (and a little conservative) and wanted to expand our ways of connection. I was mostly curious about energy orgasms as it was completely outside my understanding and I wanted to experience them myself and also guide my wife to have them.

Evguenia was fantastic to work with. I learned even more than I expected. We spent a good deal of time connecting with my own body and hangups and emotional baggage so I could be more free to express myself. We discussed a lot of ways to “level up” our sexual adventures which I won’t spoil by discussing here and we spent a good deal of time discussing sexual energy and how to manifest it.

She helped me with her distant energy sessions which I can affirm are the real deal. The first couple sessions I didn’t tell my wife what I was up to – but after being all amped up on sexual energy after our sessions she expressed to me that “there was something going on and I find you irresistible right now”. Needless to say, that was the beginning of a wild week or two – it’s all a blur.

Additional, she went above and beyond to help me learn to facilitate energy work with my wife and guide her through the process. I was very impressed at her dedication and couldn’t recommend her enough. I look forward to working with her again once I’ve fully practiced all the many things we’ve discussed.”

~ Stock photo is used in the blog post to protect P’s identity following client’s request

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