The Mysterious


I love mysterious experiences. Come to think of it – I made a career out of mystery 🙂 Want me to tell you about my very first encounter with mystery? Here’s the story about one of my strongest meditative experiences. At the risk of sounding weird or pretentious, I’m going to share it with you now… (excerpt from my upcoming Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery Course, join my free Energy Orgasm Foundations webinar here:

Intense white light… I’m laying down, on my back, immersed into a trance/meditative state. Sensing lots of pressure-like tingling energy in the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. These sensations are very new to me. I have just recently begun to meditate and cannot quite believe the tactile sensations and visuals that come with the state of meditative calmness.

The white light grows and brings on a frequency of contentment and total acceptance. I feel like crying – an overwhelming feeling of wholeness, oneness and unconditional love surround me. I’ve come home. Tantalizing rays of light encompass my whole body, I’m weightless and not quite a human anymore. I’m a bright shining ball of light, energy, frequency.

Amidst the beautiful white light that I was experiencing and the joyous feelings of connection I saw a dark figure appear on my mind screen. This creature resembling a human being, was wearing a black cloak with a hood covering their head and face. I couldn’t make out the eyes… But I didn’t feel tid bit intimidated… Instead, I felt a sense of connection to this being. A sense of deep knowing and trust.

Later, after doing lots of research online and within spiritual circles, I found drawings similar to what I’ve seen and realized that is was a guardian angel who made his appearance for the very first time…

I receive guidance on questions I have, I feel a sense of belonging. Deep sense of connection and gratitude. Alignment. Trust. Sense of purpose.

I open my eyes. I lay motionless for what seems like eternity. I’m stunned. These feelings are so new to me that I’m astonished by what I’ve just seen, felt and witnessed. Was that a fantasy? A dream? Pigment of my wild imagination?

What has been your most mysterious experience to date?

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