Alice in PolyLand Party Part 1

Alice in PolyLand Part 1

Hot details about Alice in Polyland party from last year (get the book here:

I’m happy to share some of the incredible things that our guests have enjoyed and explored. Of course privacy and anonymity are very important to us. I will therefore share the events in general terms and won’t mention any names or go into details with regards to personal experiences. Consider my story a three fantasy tale where reality and fantasy are intertwined 😉

The party took place at an incredible mansion – imagine a sensually artistic house with beautiful erotic photographs on the walls, sensual art paintings, lavish beds (circular, and suspended from the ceiling.), red mood lights and carpets. The space was mysterious, darkened, beautiful tantric music filled the rooms, mood lighting highlighted all of the antique furniture and sensually artistic sculptures.

…Preparation started months before the venue has been selected. The idea behind the party was to create an exclusive elite gathering for 40 guests who could safety and gently explore the world of play, kink, sensuality, tantra, energy orgasms and pleasure.

I wanted to create a unique gathering with multiple sensation stations at which one could sample various experiences (being tied up, spanked, sensually massaged…). My vision was to allow guests to see the limitless possibilities of vast world of sensations, connections and play – various performances like rope suspension demo and impact play scenes.

Earlier in the year, my kickstarter campaign on Alice in Polyland Book (Inspirational guide on transformational sensual journey from shame & suppression to unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity:, has successfully reached and overcome its goal by getting 135% funded.

The book contained multiple experiences I’ve had in my years of experimenting with open relationships, tantra, kink, sex clubs etc. It was then that I’ve decided to bring these stories to life and create a real live experience for others to be guided through. I wanted to bring together an amazing team of master guides and performers to allow guests experience, learn and enjoy multiple sensual delights at one place.

Venue search has begun as soon as the idea started shaping and the soon it seemed that Mansion was the best venue for the playground I’ve envisioned – sensual, artsy, high-end and enticing. The theme of course had to be Alice in Wonderland.

Two months were invested into creating a program that consisted of seven shows / workshops and performances and three incredible sensations stations. The party also was to feature sex positive areas, a “Picture Me” station, and “Eat Me” snack room. I’ve hired a dungeon Master and a security person as well as a bartender. Our team had two project managers, marketing guru, two business advisors, 4 incredible Master Guides, models, burlesque dancer and a photographer. Wow.

Honestly, I had no idea that event preparation could get so involved 😉 Of course, I could’ve created a simpler design – but I was set on delivering the best experience possible! I was determined to guide the guests towards their fantasies and help them overcome any fears along the way to reach more openness, release their judgements and discover more passions along the way!

To be continued…

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