Alice in PolyLand Party Part 2

Alice in PolyLand Party Part 2

Fast forward to the day of the party – my (incredible) husband and I are loading in Alice in wonderland accessories (big clock, white rabbit outfit, Mad Hatter’s hat, tea cups), sex positive area materials (sheets, towels, protection etc.), our friends are bringing and setting up the delicious snacks (that they kept replenishing and looking beautiful). So much on the go!

The mansion looks incredible – sensual atmosphere, dimmed lights, beautiful wall art, sensual bedroom spaces… Of course once the gifts are set up (all guests received a copy of Alice in PolyLand book and some sensual oils by Shakti-Gi) we set up a photoshoot 😉 I pose in all of the rooms – what a blast J You’ll get to see multiple photos of me in the interior for months to come lol

Shortly after, my amazing friends, volunteers and staff have started to arrive. All sensation stations are being set up – rope experientials / workshops, spanking station with so many toys and the sensual massage space with incredible essential oils. There’s so much planned: rope suspension show opens up the evening.

Guests start to arrive – oh my what wonderful costumes they have on! So many sexy red queens in beautiful lingerie / dresses / costumes. Skirts made out of playing cards, little crowns on their heads. So many cats and kittens with incredible makeup and body paints, high end tuxedo sharp looking gentlemen, also wearing leather suits and ladies in sensual lingerie / tutus.

Incredible, open, sexy people. Smart, authentic, intelligent and non judgmental. As many have since commented – so many of us had great, deep conversations, met potential dates – overall an amazing tribe to stay in touch with.

A few beautiful impact shows have followed the sensual rope suspension created by a well know rope salon teacher and Rope Guide. What an amazing connection we’ve observed between the dominants and their submissive, so much passion, pleasure and a bit of pain. Upstairs spanking scene was done in an opium den bedroom – while the music kept playing, Sir kept playing with his beautiful sub. She was fully naked, moving with the music – intermittently receiving pain and pleasure. Orgasms and strong impact play. Incredible to watch.

As the guests were visiting the experiential stations they were scheduled for – they experienced or learned how to give/receive various sensations, use bondage for pleasure and connect deeper to themselves and others.

Our sexy white rabbit kept running around, looking at a giant clock handing out play cards to the guests. I’ve really enjoyed helping her facilitate this game. With the cards I’ve tried to encourage people to connect to others by exchanging words and experiences. One of the most daring cards was “kiss someone” (with their permission of course) on their cheek, hand, lips… One of our very open minded guests have suggested a much more daring interpretation of this card lol

To be continued…

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