Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery Course

Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery

Benefits of experiencing Energy Orgasms

The following are some of the possible benefits you may experience once you learn to achieve Energy Orgasms. Curious to know more? Join March 24th webinar at 7pm EST or watch the free recording that comes with registration:

Physical Intimacy & Pleasure

  • Raise your sensitivity and increase body awareness
  • Take your sex life to the next level by experiencing enhanced level of pleasure
  • Dive into body, mind, heart and soul orgasm
  • Learn how to have multiple orgasms and experience pleasure for any gender / differently able

 Self Confidence & Connection Deepening

  • Connect more deeply with yourself, your lovers and sexuality
  • Experience freedom of sensual expression
  • Re-ignite passion, attraction and sexual satisfaction in couples

Peace of Mind & Mental Clarity

  • Dive deeper into being present and mindful
  • Learn to center into yourself and deepen into relaxation
  • Release stress and anxiety

Trauma Healing & Emotional Balance

  • Release emotional and intimate blocks
  • Let go of shame, guilt, low self-esteem and negative body image
  • Balance your emotions and raise your energy levels
  • Experience potent healing and energy movement

 Energy Increase, Spiritual Connection & Intention Manifestation 

  • Ground into your own power, sexuality and multiply pleasure
  • Increase your intuition and deepest wisdom
  • Multiply orgasmic energy and enter a spiritual realm of your life
  • Manifest your desires

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