Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training FREE Intro Webinar – April 22

Practitioner Certification Energy Orgasm

Are you passionate and curious about the work that I do? Would you like to know what it takes to become an Energy Orgasm Practitioner and learn all of my secrets :)? Do you feel called to do this deep, healing, pleasure-filled work and help your clients change lives at a profound level? Are you a coach, massage therapist or a Reiki healing practitioner who’d love to add energetic sexuality work to an already impressive resume and list of skills?

Join me for this FREE Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training Intro Webinar on April 22nd at 7pm to learn how this program can benefit you! Can’t make it? Register and get a recording copy.

When: April 22, 7.00 PM
Where: Online (link sent upon registration)
Price: FREE
Sign Up:

Join this Exclusive Energetic Orgasm webinar to learn more about the 5 month Certification Training Program that allows you to facilitate ecstatic bliss and healing transformation to your clients. All welcome.

Together we will:

  • Learn about Energy Orgasms phenomenon
  • Experience energy sensing
  • Look deeper into ourselves (using holistic, mindfulness-based practices)
  • Look at the Program’s Benefits, offerings and timeline
  • Take a step towards your own unique life path, freedom and wonderful healing career

Watch Energy Orgasm video with Meg:

Hear what Sarah Felt during our session:

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