Your Healing Journey

Healing Journey

Your Healing Journey

I’ve been on the personal transformation path for around 12 years now and I think that’s one of most important reasons why I can support others on this path – my own experiences, failures, learning, growth. As some of you know, I come from a very conservative upbringing and lots of bullying growing up. I absolutely love this path of transformation, healing and think it’s incredible how much we can achieve if we embrace our growth and blossom into people we are inside.

Just created this quick Healing Journey diagram that I hope will be helpful to you, has your experience been similar to mine? Are any steps missing here?

  1. We start in a place of familiarity, certainty, comfort. We notice that we’re not fully aligned with who we are inside and this outside facade is getting harder to keep up with, but this place of stability may be preventing us from venturing out on a hero’s journey
  2. Once we feel compelled to experience our lives fuller and align deeper into our own authenticity and inner guidance we encounter defenses, our fears of judgement failure
  3. We find a guide or resources and embark on a journey of acquiring new skills, knowledge and as a result boosting our self confidence
  4. We are aiming to achieve our purpose, listening more and more to the voice deep inside ourselves, setting and embracing our goals and feeling more fulfilled

And I find this cycle continues throughout our life’s journey in multiple areas of our lives in a non linear fashion. How’s your healing journey been? Which step are you at?

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