5 tips on reinventing yourself after a breakup

Recently out of relationship? 5 tips on reinventing yourself

Navigating life after an end of a relationship can be very hard. Letting go of your common dreams, understanding painful patterns that may have caused the break up and dealing with aftermath of a divorce or separation is a lot to handle. Additionally, you may be still grieving the loss of the relationship, experiencing loss of self confidence and wondering how to navigate the world of dating and relationships.

For me personally, breakups and losing my loved ones are among the hardest experiences I ever go through life. They leave me feeling lost, small, scared, alone. It takes me days, weeks, months to balance out emotionally, grieve, let go and open myself up to connect with others.

Some of us are so vested in our connections with others that when a relationship ends, it brings on a sense of loss of self. It’s not uncommon to want to reinvent yourself, understand what your needs and preferences are, release any blockages that are stopping you from becoming self-confident, resilient, sexually activated and knowledgeable to be ready to eventually meet a partner of your dreams.

  1. Connect with yourself

It’s so important to be able to clearly hear your inner wisdom – our bodies store all of the information about our emotions, experiences and traumas inside. You would be surprised how clear our needs, goals, values become once we intentionally dive into ourselves. I find mindfulness to be the best way to connect within. Learning to take a few deep breaths, let go of thoughts and mindfully scan yourself using a Multidimensional body scan is one of the eye-opening, aha moment inducing experiences you may have

  1. Release emotional, mental and intimate blocks

Healing our inner wounds allows us to become more open, trusting and embodied. Releasing stress, inner anxiety and worries helps us powerfully let go of painful patterns, traumas, shame and guilt. This creates abundant space for openness, pleasure, self-confidence and self love in our lives.

  1. Boost your self confidence

Exploring our fears, knowledge gaps and learning new skills and practices in an open and judgement-free environment allows for wonderful self confidence boost. Loving reflection from an experienced guide who’s walked this journey before you allows you to see yourself from a different angle, let go of fears and dive into powerful, healing experiences.

  1. Open yourself up to sexual energy expression

Sexual energy is a wonderful source of creativity, feeling alive, free, playful and vast. The spectrum is so wonderfully multidimensional: from deep physical pleasure, to heightened emotional / psychological experiences, mental sexual journeys to spiritual bliss and synergy. The more familiar you become with various sexual expressions, the more confident and happier you will be about expressing and exploring this part of your life alone and with a partner.

  1. Get clear on a type of partner / relationship you’d like to attract

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a relationship of your dreams and choosing the best suitable partner(s). Relationship options may range from fully monogamous / exclusive connections to open relationships, being together 24/7 to seeing your partner ¾ times a week, living together versus separately. Additionally, understanding your value system helps you decide what type of partner you’d like to attract – having a clear plan helps you set the goals and manifest them into reality.

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