Sexual Energy: 5 Ways to staying in control

Sexual Energy: 5 Ways to staying in control

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I often hear my wonderful clients speak about how difficult it feels at times to control their sexual energy. Some notice that it’s a struggle not to hurry towards an orgasm and stay in control of their powerful sexual energy, others would like a bit of an energetic boost, or would like to learn to direct this energy in order to experience multiple energetic orgasms over and over again.

Learning to harness, transmute, direct and enjoy sexual energy has been a blessing for me. I love the way it makes me feel – physically ecstatic, but also energetically lighter, more focused, magically vivid and so very relationally connected. Here are 5 ways to stay in control of your sexual energy.

  1. Get in touch with your body and mind, increase your sensitivity
    Becoming aware of your sensations, tune into your body, slow down and pay attention to all of the smallest movements and ways in which excitement and desire arise in you allow you to become more in touch with your body’s awareness and stop before the moment of no return

  2. Dive into 6 senses and practice mindfulness
    Tuning into all 5 senses and becoming sensitive to sexual energy flow allows you to control and be in charge of your sexual force

  3. Learn ways to control and move your energy
    Sexual energy movement and transmutation can be learned and harnessed. This leads to wonderful ways of enjoying your own pleasure, taking it to the next level of feeling multiorgasmic and taking as long as you’d like to please your partner

  4. Slow down and practice separation of giving and receiving
    Our society teaches us that sexual connection consists of instant reciprocity – we frequently give and receive pleasure simultaneously. This, in fact doesn’t allow us to fully engage in either. Learning to slow down and receive or give one partner at a time works wonders for sexual satisfaction of partners.

  5. Use breath, sound, movement and energy work to direct energy
    Lots of us feel blocked off and unable to express the energy fully through sound, movement or breath. Our ability to freely allow sounding out each breath as well as surrendering to movements is closely correlated with strength of experiencing and enjoying the sensual energy within.

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