Private Guided Sex Club Tour Story!

Private Guided Sex Club Tour Story!

Many of you have reached out and asked how the Sex Club tour went… Well, let me tell you all about it – I invite you to sit down and get popcorn – the story is spicy!

Our group of adventurous, open minded and hearted people (8 in total) met at the Sex Club. Dim lights, beautifully lit dance floor with dancing poles… Stil quiet at the time and full of sensual and exciting atmosphere playrooms with four post beds, lush linens and sheer curtains for everyone to see! What a great place for sexy debauchery.

Our group of men in suits and leather, ladies in beautiful and sexy lingerie (I wore the red piece as you guys have voted on IG and FB – thank you!) – walked around the venue and sat down with a few drinks to chat. Meeting open minded, successful and friendly people is very easy at the tours.

We chatted about everything – how one would use a club like this, our biggest sexual fantasies for the venue (quite a few incredible ones were shared), safe sex. We all shared our intentions for the evening, questions and reflections. I’ve mentioned a few spicy stories that have been experienced by me, others added their reflections too – I absolutely love how these tours create a safe container for everyone to openly chat and take experiences at their comfort level.

Everyone got Alice in PolyLand book as a gift (spicy stories, followed by sensual imagery and practical tips on accomplishing the fantasies) to allow for even more fun ideas and tips on how to expand our views on sexuality.

Among the great clients, our group also included an amazing rigger (rope master) and a BDSM top Greg and a beautiful and open-minded model Mystique. The tour usually includes elements of connection, education, Q and A, fun spicy stories and a scene.

Mystique has previously written a fantastic story on how she and her lover Theo (played by one of our incredible participants) were captured by king Greg and queen Alice. How later, she was bound and worshipped and forced to orgasm – and that is exactly what happened.

Imagine a gorgeous sexual woman tied up with red rope (arms behind her back, legs spread), eight people playing with her (within everyone’s comfort zone of course). These included multiple men and women pleasuring her with their hands, mouth, toys… Sensual kisses by female participants. Incredible foreplay that awakened all of the cells of her body, light flogging, ice play. She was blindfolded throughout the scene and many Sex Club patrons outside of our group were watching her from a distance (I of course kept whispering this into her ears ?). Greg was dominating Mystique, while Alice was telling Greg how exactly to pleasure her, edge her and keep her wet and wild.

Mystique kept moaning and telling everyone how incredibly turned on she was. Finally, she was forced to orgasm for quite a long time, she got very loud and so very happy ? Alas, it was a great night. Hugs were shared, I kept making sure everyone was feeling comfortable, safe and enjoyed themselves. People stayed to enjoy the evening as the dance floor and the play rooms started getting full. A sexy MFM threesome was taking place close to us.

Later on I got quite a few remarks from on lookers on how sexy and fun our scene was, our participants enjoyed the evening. My mission was accomplished! And that’s the story of that sexy night!

Want to join me for the upcoming kink tour at an incredible venue? DM for November 16th admission. Only a few spots remain.

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