Energy Orgasm – Solo Mastery Program

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with The Mystery Man. We talked about feeling connected while being apart (finishing each other’s sentences, thinking about each other at the same moment etc.) and while connecting in person. I tend to sense things more energetically, visually and kinesthetically while he’s more science-based in his approach and views. Overall, we’re experiencing and believing in similar things while our language and experiences may differ.

For example, when two people are uniting as one emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually my energetic sense is to see / experience them as a vast interconnected energy that blooms into one united essence. I experience people in closer relationships (friends, parents, lovers) being connected to each other by cords running between their energy centers etc. I know how the energetic connections can be enhanced, strengthened and aligned from the energy0point of view. His understanding will be based on the idea of a String Theory (invisible connections through time an space) or exploring Quantum Entanglement principle (being interconnected regardless of distance).

I love both approaches and think all these beliefs / theories / experiences lead to similar realizations. That’s why it was so important to me to approach Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery course (as I do any of my training) both from energetic and scientific sides. Curious to learn more how to bring more pleasure, confidence and connection into your life? Sign up for Free Live Masterclass here:

Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery 8-week course contains science-based theoretical knowledge, combined with modern day healing arts experientials, powerful energetic practices and body-based healing experientials, guided meditations and handouts that multidimensionally aid at best transformational results.

  • Enjoy 10 incredibly informative videos that take you step by step through healing / sexual wellness liberation journey
  • 2 bonus live sessions recorded with real clients with real life feedback and tips
  • 100-page workbook with detailed science-based and modern-day energy medicine / psychology theory / practice exercises
  • 25 practices and powerful body / mind / heart / spirit experientials
  • 10 handouts and fill out sheets
  • Numerous guided meditations
  • Ability to book a personalized guided experience / homework feedback guidance every step of the way

Powerful knowledge, delivered in a very simple way so you have all of the tools you need to get to the level of energetic solo mastery you desire. Go ahead, register for the course and let this exciting, liberating journey begin!

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