Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery – Green energy surge

Yesterday, something powerful happened to me – I experienced a beautifully ecstatic Kundalini rising. It started off as pleasure waves coming up my body and then suddenly, as if in a deep state of trance, I started vividly seeing distinct energy line running through my spine, connecting me to my lover at the base of our spines and coming through him and back up into me exploding out of my head and running back down in a powerful circle of ecstatic energy. The energetic movement was vivid green, glowing, powerful and blissful. I kept orgasming non stop throughout this experience that seemed to have been going on forever. My partner is open to experiencing energy but is not actively perusing spiritually sexual experiences. What was special about this is that he also had felt this special, deep, palpable connection as I was experiencing the magical fireworks of an Energy Orgasm. Couple’s energy orgasms are incredible!

And that’s why my mission in life is to share the know how of achieving these spiritually ecstatic and healing experiences for yourself, with a partner or professionally.

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What does energy orgasm mean for you? Having your desires, dreams fulfilled: embracing pleasure-filled ecstasy, unlocking your sensual energy potential, unleashing your self confidence and love, strengthening your connection with your partner? But honestly, it’s just the beginning.

Energy Orgasms Solo Mastery Course is also about your powerful transformation: towards freedom, inner piece, presence, unleashing wildness, deep sexual healing and integration as well as spiritual connection and desire manifestation. Literally all areas of your life get affected and you experience a powerful shift: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, relationally and professionally.

Its’ about being fully skilled in energy, healing, sensual presence – being in the flow, zone, getting you in touch with your authentic self; and embracing instinctual state of freedom and vibrant being. Sign Up to Learn More and maximize your potential:

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