Personal development, relationships and sexuality survey

What an emotionally challenging week! Between Putin invading Ukraine, slow lift of Covid restrictions and my birthday celebrations – my heart is full of conflicting emotions and thoughts. It feels like the whole world is on the edge! Please comment if you can relate <3

I’m also currently in the process of creating offers focused on helping deepening connection with self and others, overcoming emotional, mental and spiritual blockages; and creating lives full of unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity

So I’m here today to ask if you could answer this short survey, that will help me tremendously to learn more about how I can best serve YOU!

In exchange for 10 minutes of your time, I will be selecting 5 lucky people to hop on a FREE 30 minute Transformational Call with me, so I can help you with a strategy to solve your problems and reach your goals, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE (Please fill our this survey this week, offer ends March 5th)!

I appreciate your time and willingness to help me out, and I am getting ready and looking forward to start sharing great content with you again really soon.

Thank you so much!!
Love, Evguenia

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