5 Practices to dissolve obstacles that are holding you back

Often times we feel stuck in life, unable to proceed. This might be affecting our personal, relational or professional lives. There might also be a fear of spiraling into depression or continuing to miss out on enjoying the present. Lack of confidence, isolation and negative thinking might be some of the causes of inability to start achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

If you’re feeling this way, I wanted you to know that you’re not alone. Today, I wanted to also tell you that I truly believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to – I’ve seen over and over again with my wonderful clients and people that surround me! The sky is the limit. Below are 5 wonderfully helpful practices that can powerfully support you on your healing and pleasure discovery journey:

  • Intention setting
    Being clear on one’s goals and dreams and putting them down on paper is a powerful first step in accomplishing our dreams)
  • Awareness / witnessing
    Deepening connection with yourself, becoming aware of internalized outdated beliefs, unattended to needs, various conflicting emotions and voices is the first important step in your opening up / healing journey
  • Mindfulness / meditation
    Diving more into being present and mindful helps us release negative thoughts and deepen emotional connection with ourselves
  • Healing and energy exercises
    According to NCBI, energy medicine uses subtle energy fields to therapeutically assess and treat energetic imbalances, bringing the body’s systems back to homeostasis (balance).
  • Sexual energy alignment
    Learning to access and harness your sexual energy leads to deeper levels of pleasure, becoming multiorgasmic, enhancing your love making abilities, experiencing even more confidence, joy, pleasure and love in your life.

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