Sex Club Tour April 22 Story

So many of you wanted to hear what actually took place at our recent Sex Club tour! Well, let me tell you – it was a beautiful experience!

We all met 2 days prior to going in and connected to everyone via Zoom. This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, go over expectations, safety, enjoy sexy trivia and learn more about sex clubs and kink world and lifestyles. Everyone loved the format of setting intentions and meeting participants prior to going in!

On April 22, we all met outside and went into the beautiful X Club. The atmosphere was sensual, darkened with multiple lights. Large dance floor, great bar and sitting area! We walked around the place and looked at numerous play rooms, wonderful dungeon space, orgy bed area and the open play space! Some of us got a few drinks, chatted by the bar while waiting for the wonderful Energy Orgasm workshop.

At 9:45pm our workshop on the orgy bed has begun 🙂 The space has a huge bed, glass walls and a gorgeous chandelier. I’ve explained what Energy Orgasms were all about, we dove into energy sensing, breathing, sounding (it was so much fun allowing ourselves to make loud sounds as a group – such a powerful release) and charging energy. Everyone learned new things, heightened their sensitivity, connected to their fellow participants in a safe, energy-based way. Then we had our beautiful model experience Energy orgasm in front of us – she was sensually moving as the waves of energy were enveloping her.

This was just the beginning, we also had 2 wonderful participants volunteer to take part in a dungeon sensation play. I love facilitating various playful experiences and brought multiple toys for us to explore. Imagine a half naked athletically built, strong man strapped to a cross, unable to get out, open for everyone to see and a powerful sensual woman playing with him. I’ve guided both of them on how to use various toys, sensations and ideas to make play fun, spicy and safe. Everyone had fun. We used feathers, floggers, ice, blindfold, handcuffs etc.

Our Sub (person on the cross) loved being dominated as well as in service and Domme (the beautiful Dominant) enjoyed the feeling of power, seduction and control. Later, we all danced, chatted and had a great time. I received multiple notes on how everyone has enjoyed the experience. Many people commented on how comfortable and at ease they felt and how much they’ve learned and experienced. Can’t wait to offer a new tour again soon!


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  1. I read the above article on past tours and I must say, OMG where do I sign up? I believe my wife and I will be signing up for your next one if it’s close enough. If not close enough I’ll be watching for one that is.

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