Client Success story: Meet client D

Meet my wonderful client D., a successful entrepreneur from Toronto

D. and I have been exploring Personal TransformationRelationships and Sexual Guidance programs.

D. came to me wanting to deepen his understanding of himself, lessen his anxiety, be more present, upgrade his sensuality skills and dive into spiritual growth as well as receive help with dating guidance.

Please see his feedback our sessions together:

  • I am extremely grateful I reached out to you a few months ago. My understanding isn’t perfect yet but I’ve never felt so in flow mode ever but at the same time I’m really not worried about the future and also not really anxious most of the time. And to me that has so many benefits. I feel much less blocked but very in sync with my essence.
  • I felt very aware and calm after our session. Noticeably different in a good way!
  • I felt like this vacation would have never happened without me feeling so connected and present through all of our previous sessions.

After working together for 3 months, D. has embraced his dream travel lifestyle, found a wonderful job that allows his the freedom to travel and experienced quite a few wonderful sensual connections. He’d also learned how to embrace more balance, inner peace and release anxiety.

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~ Stock photo is used in the blog post to protect D’s identity following client’s request

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