Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace 8 Week Program – April 28

LAST CALL: NEW transformational cohort starting TOMORROW at 7:00PM for my new 8 week, guided, small group signature program The Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace at 50% off introductory rate.
Learn more and Join: https://unleashsynergy.com/inner-peace/

Are you an open-minded and open-hearted fellow explorer who wants to embrace an incredible inner transformation towards magnetically exuding confidence and sensual energy within, work through wounded parts of ourselves and become success stories and case studies of the program?

This is specifically for people of any gender who are looking to grow and evolve into even more fulfilled versions of themselves and want one or more of the following​:

  • Dive into various parts of ourselves, and take part in an open discussion around personal development and sexuality from an open-hearted, non judgmental place
  • Have me as your coach for your own personal transformation
  • Connect more deeply with yourself, your loved ones and your life force
  • Raise your sensitivity and increase body awareness
  • Learn to process emotions, understand your inner desires and heal your wounds
  • Learn to release stress and anxiety
  • Identify and start releasing emotional and intimate blocks
  • Let go of shame, guilt, low self-esteem and negative beliefs
  • Ground into your own power and self love
  • Manifest your desires
This is an 8-week coaching plan where you work directly with me through my signature program, The Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace, learn the basics about working through various voices / blocks within and enjoy sensual sharing discussions with like-minded wonderful group of people.

Learn more and Join: https://unleashsynergy.com/inner-peace/

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