Energy Orgasm Webinar: Meet Bob

Meet my wonderful client Bob, a successful business professional and a wonderful artist from Wisconsin. Bob and I have been exploring Personal Transformation, Relationships, Sexual Guidance, Self Confidence, Energy Orgasms etc. long distance for a few months now. In the short while we’re worked together Bob has gone through an incredible multidimensional transformation:

  • Physically (following my playful healthy lifestyle domination he’s embraced a healthy lifestyle and lost 16 lb and fell in love with his body)
  • Emotionally (released various blockages and learned to identify various voices inside that prevented him from feeling even more peace, happiness and joy)
  • Spiritually (explored Energy Orgasms and had quite a few mind blowing energy-based experiences that left him speechless)
  • Mentally (released outdated beliefs that were preventing him from embracing more pleasure, authenticity and self love)

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“Evguenia!!!!!! So much fun and much needed laughter too! I loved every minute of today, I will never forget his day, never!!!  Healing, honesty, laughter and connection, so perfect!  You do wonders for me and are becoming so precious to me, yes as a healing professional, but so precious as a human that I am so grateful to have in my life!”

“I am at a loss still for words.  This energy, these feelings, this experience, I never dreamt I could get there. Oh oh oh oh I am going to have to take some time to let it all settle in as I just can’t describe it.  My arms are so weak I can hardly hold them to the keyboard.  My legs are shaking with weakness and my mind only feels joy and pleasure…..omg omg
I can’t find the words to express how this feels. OMG do I love you and what you are doing for me…. omg… Love Bob”

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