The Grapefruit Male Pleasure Technique

I’m always up for testing out various pleasure techniques 😉 This one got some rave reviews recently! Want to spice things up and learn this new fellatio trick? Read on

Here’s how to perform the grapefruit technique according to Thought Catalogue article:

1. Get a grapefruit. Preferably a ruby red grapefruit. A large navel orange can be substituted if a grapefruit is unavailable.

2. Get the fruit to room temperature. Do this by leaving it out of the fridge. DO NOT MICROWAVE IT.

3. Roll the grapefruit against a hard surface. Rolling it between your palm and a table top helps loosen the fruit and make it juicier.

4. Slice the sides off the grapefruit. These should be thin slices that get rid of both navels (the bumps on the outside of the fruit. You will be left with a thick “wheel” of grapefruit.

5. Cut a hole in the middle of your grapefruit. This should be about the size of your partner’s penis.

6. Blindfold your man. The previous steps should be done earlier in the day or away from him so he doesn’t see what you are doing. This is a surprise sensation for him to experience.

7. Begin a bj as normal. Get your partner erect so that you can begin using the grapefruit.

8. Place the grapefruit around his penis. Twist and move the grapefruit up and down while you suck on the tip.

That’s the grapefruit technique by Miss Angel!

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2 thoughts on “The Grapefruit Male Pleasure Technique

  1. Oh, I would hate for there to have been any minor cuts, abrasions, or chafing and have this done to me. I’d want someone to ask me first–what if I’d just had a close shave or had gotten caught in my zipper earlier? If it weren’t a grapefruit or something so acidic that it would sting, maybe…

    1. Of course, great point. Consent or per-qualifying questions would be important for sure to avoid any potential issues.

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