6 tips for becoming more self confident

6 tips for becoming more self confident

Are you feeling self confident lately? Self confidence is an energy that shines through and attracts incredible people and experiences to you! Self confidence opens doors, allows us to enjoy our lives to the fullest. So how does one become self confident?

I know I used to struggle with low confidence myself, questioning my worth, feeling too shy to approach and talk to people, worrying about what they may think about me.

It feels so much better to embrace ourselves and stand in our own power. What are some of the steps you can take towards feeling more confident?

  • Become aware of and identify your inner judgemental voice
    The first time I became vividly aware of my SuperEgo (internalized judgement voice) was when I was rock climbing at the gym, about 50 feet in the area, feeling frozen and unable to make a move. This voice inside of my head that was clearly running my life up to that point told me that I simply couldn’t continue. It wasn’t concerned with the fact that I was being belayed by my husband and there couldn’t possibly fall. It also completely ignored the fact that I was in great physical shape and could easily complete the climb. The fear and this voice were overwhelming. And that’s when it hit me – time and time again in my life I was the one stopping myself. Take a brief moment to feel into how active your SuperEgo is and how strongly it affects your ability to love yourself, feel confidence and self assurance. Awareness is the first step in the right direction!
  • Become your best friend and experience the power of positive affirmations
    As a next great step in your journey towards self love, please start treating yourself as your best friend, unconditionally loving, supporting and accepting no matter what. Even if you do notice any ways to improve, accepting your starting point and not getting angry with yourself, just gently guiding towards your goal is a more loving way towards boosting self confidence. Using positive affirmations such as “I’m an incredibly kind and loving person, wonderful and giving partner and a passionate lover” as part of a daily practice allow you to reprogram your neural pathways and change yourself.
  • Embrace a healing and powerful state of energetic openness
    Using powerful energetic techniques that allow you to stay open, connect with your inner guidance and ground into your power let you experience your beauty in a palpable way. When you’re physically, energetically and holistically experiencing your powerful vibrant energetic nature, becoming more self confident gets even easier as it’s a felt experience that is very hard to deny.
  • Surround yourself with people that lift you up
    Social mirror may be quite important to the way we see ourselves. Surrounding yourself with loving, uplifting, self-aware people that are focused on being supportive and positive allows you to stay in the high frequency of self love and boost your self confidence even more.
  • Take care of yourself body, mind, heart and soul
    Actively investing into yourself multidimensionally: leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising, eating fresh / non processed foods, being kind to your heart and meditating to keep your energy field in balance holistically supports you feel great about yourself
  • Take little steps towards achieving your goals and cheer yourself on
    As you’re creating an action plan and moving towards accomplishing your goals, no matter how small the steps you took are, keep cheering yourself on. Notice all of the accomplishments, positive changes and wonderful shifts that are taking place in your life, write them down and keep celebrating your achievements!!

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