Practitioner Certification – charge more per session

I was so fortunate to turn my personal passion into the career. So very lucky! How did it happen? I became so excited about the potential of personal healing transformation and sexual liberation for myself that I dove head first. Being a life long learner (10 years of undergrad and Master’s degree application underway) I then naturally gravitated to learning more about the areas of my passion and creating unique programs based on my years of studies and experiments. Eventually, my excitement turned into experience and expertise. Now I absolutely love offering deep healing and pleasure liberation sessions!

Of course it doesn’t hurt that this specialized knowledge is a very lucrative career choice. My sessions run for $285+ for 1.5h and Energy Orgasm guided packages are priced at $997+. I’m very lucky that this career allows for a wonderful life / work balance and ability to embrace even more freedom, love and connection (2 relationships and 2 kids plus Graduate Level studies simply require it lol)

Would you like to embrace your passions and dreams AND increase your revenue?

Learn more about the Practitioner Certification Program here:

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