Practitioner Certification – make a difference in so many lives

As a healer and sexuality guide, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to affect great change. I love it when someone who’s initially felt uncomfortable talking about sexuality allows themselves to embrace their inner desires, open up about fantasies and start taking steps towards their realization.

I love it when someone who’s been through sexual assault and felt completely numb to sensual energy, starts to feel empowered, in touch with themselves and incredibly orgasmic.

I adore it when a person that feels very low in self confidence learns powerful skills of self love and sensual adoration of others and starts to exude incredible self confidence which affects other areas of their life. There are countless examples of these incredible, heart warming transformations and testimonials that I receive very frequently – all to attest how powerful sexual healing work is. Would you like to experience this work?

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Course will prepare you to:

  • Facilitate energy healings, charge and clear energy field and release blockages for yourself as well as your clients
  • Use foundations of Personal Development mindfulness-based work focused on emotional awareness and release of stagnated emotions giving your clients better awareness and emotional clarity about main patterns / issues in their lives
  • Help your clients become more sensitive, open and free in expressing their energy
  • Experience Solo Energy Orgasm and align with pleasure-filled authentic expression of who you are
  • Facilitate Client Energy Orgasms and help them expand into their sensual power and orgasmic potential
  • Offer a range of services including meditation guidance, holistic stress release, connection deepening, personal development, energy healing boost, pleasure guidance and sensual energy awakening

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