Practitioner Certification FREE Webinar tonight

Tonight is the night when we’re celebrating all things magic, healing and pleasure! Meet me online at 7:00pm EST to get to know each other, meditate together, learn more about healing and becoming Integrated Energy Orgasm Healing Practitioner from anywhere in the world! Unleash Synergy Energy Orgasm Healing practitioner certification program is a 5-month immersive, highly experiential, transformational course that is structured on a strong healing / professional energy work foundation.

Becoming a specialist in energetic, healing-based intimacy coaching will not only expand your existing client practice…

It will also allow you to truly make a difference in your clients’ lives by taking a holistic and proven approach to health and wellness.

If you’re curious to learn more, you’re invited to our FREE online love and relationship coaching event where you’ll learn all about:

  • The tools and methodology used to create lasting healing change
  • How to become a certified Energy Orgasm Practitioner
  • And how to uplevel your practice by offering these services

Get all the details and secure your FREE spot by clicking the link below

Learn more about the group here:

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