Practitioner Certification – Last Call!

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 3 days until Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification training begins, and this Wednesday is the last day to register!

We have 1 spot left, and if you’re reading this then I think this spot has your name on it!

Here’s why I think you should be there, and why Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification is different (and better):

  • Our group is carefully curated so you can make real connections with open-minded and open-hearted people who get you and you can turn to for support. The group is capped at 5 to promote deeply healing trust-building connections we need to learn and grow
  • You’ll learn Energy Orgasm facilitation and healing fundamentals teachings and support from expert who’s been there. You will connect with others who are on the same personal growth and professional path as you, leading by example
  • With multiple modules, courses, one on one supervision sessions and homework guidance to enjoy you’ll learn tangible content that you can apply right away – no matter what stage of life you’re in or which specialty you decide to embrace. Everyone has something to share, and everyone has something to learn. From outstanding personal growth, healing and experiential-based content, to content that supports you on your / client’s sexual healing facilitation and exploration journey, plus homework feedback, and more…this group is unlike any other. There’s no hierarchy, no VIP section, and we are all there to give generously, share widely, and support each other from across the continent.

Don’t miss it, register here! The doors close at 5pm on Wednesday, and the sooner you register the sooner you can jump into our online portal, receive Zoom links for live bi-weekly sessions and meet the other incredible people who will be there!

Hope to see you on Thursday!

P. S. Have questions? Hit reply, I’m here to answer!

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