Holiday, Anniversary, V-day Couple’s Booklet – Love is a Verb

Don’t know what to give your love on Valentine’s day? Get a beautifully designed romantic or personalized photo booklet for your love that includes a wonderful activity of setting the Couple’s Mission Statement – what a memorable, unique, and thoughtful gift they will remember forever. Or choose a beautiful photo book/mission statement designed for you with a great selection of loving/healing/connective photos suitable for any occasion!

Here’s a back story of this gift idea… You would not believe what happened… The Mystery Man has allowed me to reveal his photos and some of the anniversary book designs I’ve gifted him throughout our years together ????

Here’s how it came about – for years I’ve written, designed, and gifted him with anniversary/holiday celebration books with a focus on love, gratitude and deepening our connection as a couple. I’ve always loved combining visual creation with the drive for connection deepening. Of course, this can be easily explained by my professional graphic design/visual branding background and current work in healing/sexual guidance therapy.

A few weeks ago, I was showing the anniversary booklet to my client who’s working on deepening his connection with his wife as an idea of a thoughtful and unique gift. He loved it and asked me to create one for him for his anniversary. This is where it hit me that so many could benefit from creating these booklets and gifting them to their loved ones! These could be used as a memorable holiday celebration present, special anniversary gifts as well as thoughtful V-Day reminders of how incredibly lucky couples are to be together. After all, love is a verb.

Intentional Love / Love is a Verb

  • What’s even better these booklets can be customized with unique photos or used with beautiful generic imagery (please DM if you’d like to see imagery)
  • We can focus on gratitude for our love/connection month by month or based on the Core Qualities we share in our relationship
  • The last few pages take us into a loving/mindful activity of establishing our goals as a couple and writing a couple’s mission statement
  • This especially allows us to intentionally embrace our needs, wants, and wishes, and reach our goals
  • As a bonus, this could be an incredible add-on to a healing/sensual guidance couple’s session we can do together – please ask me for a special rate!

Here are my love-filled offers for you:

  • A beautifully designed booklet with a wonderful mix of photos, professionally designed and printed (1 copy) $50 USD
  • Custom-made to-order personalized booklet, professionally designed and printed (2 copies) $797 USD

DM to get your love book today in time for the holiday season


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