Energy Orgasm Practitioner Mastery: Module 1

Energy Orgasm

I can’t wait to see you next Thursday live & FREE! 7 PM is the time to energetically align with the incredibly exciting phenomenon of Energy Orgasms. This webinar will additionally cover Practitioner Certification Training that’s starting in September!! Sign Up:

What does Module 1 Certification Training involve? Please see for yourself:

  • Science and research-based Energy System overview and in-depth knowledge
  • Highly experiential training allows you to step into your power, increase your sensitivity as a healing professional and trust your inner guidance
  • Personal Development Mindlessness-based framework helps you deepen into self-contact and understand blockages you may need to work through
  • Foundational healing and emotional blockage removal experientials serve as a powerful foundation for sensual energy work
  • Supervised session overview
  • Fully integrated small class sessions focusing on multidimensional body/mind/heart/soul connection are complimented by multiple one-on-one sessions, comprehensive reading, and practice materials

Learn more about the Practitioner Certification Program here:

Join the Free Webinar on August 3rd at 7:00 PM EST to learn more:

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