Q & A: Sex Club Preparation: October 20th!

Q & A: Sex Club Preparation

Question: Any advice on what to bring and how to best prepare? Condoms, lube, lingerie, a change of clothes, and some water or something. Anything else?

Answer: Thank you so much for your questions! Please see my answers below (Join my Exclusive Upcoming Sex Club Tour, October 18/20 for a safe and fun way to explore this alternative community: https://spiritsexlab.as.me/sexclubtour)

A change of clothes, some sexy options, preferred protection, and water are all great things to bring with you. Also, the way we approach this experience is I’d say as important if not more than bringing “the gear”.

I see this event as part of your growth journey, ability to grow, deeper connect with yourself and others, and learn and embrace your authenticity even more. One of the most common feedback phrases I hear from people who have experienced my tour is that my guidance is very classy and deeply transformative. For me, a visit to a sex club is not just about potentially having sex.

During my exclusive Sex Club Guided tours we practice setting intentions, seeing what our goals/fantasies are (to start taking steps in the direction of reaching our dreams) as well as which fears / insecurities we’d like to conquer. I want you to feel more open, freer, and deeper in love with yourself and others once you’ve come out on the other side. I want you to allow yourself to fully embrace your deepest fantasies and release any blockages holding you back from who you are deep down inside!

Join me and a wonderful group for a Private Guided Sex Club Tour and Multiple Sexy Scenes all in one!
Limited spots available for October 18/20, 2-Part series (Initial Zoom Meet & Greet workshop followed by in-person tour)!

This is a 2.5-hour adventure (1 hour online and 1.5 in person) during which I meet you by the door, show you around the place, and sit down with you to discuss various topics of interest around Sex club usage, safety, fantasy play ideas, etc.

Where: The X Club (Mississauga)
When: October 20, 2021, 9.00 PM (in person), October 18, 7:00 PM (online meet and greet – can join even if you’re not from Toronto)
Dress Code: Beautiful Sexy Attire
Register: https://spiritsexlab.as.me/sexclubtour
Price: Please email to reserve your tour tickets now

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