Enslaved Goddess, A Guided Sex Club Tour Story

Enslaved Goddess – a story written by Mystique (our model from a past Guided Sex Club Tour)

My goodness I get to collaborate with such incredibly open-minded and -hearted and creative people! Can’t wait! Still 2 spots left to join the tour and watch / participate in the demo 😉

“In a land far far away, a couple (Mystique & her partner Theo) had been travelling through the foreign lands and now have gotten lost. After wandering for three days without seeing a soul and crossing a mountain range, they came across a valley with a little town, secluded from the rest of the outside world. This town was unlike anything that Mystique has ever seen before: peculiarly dressed people, strange animals, strange plants, and peculiar looking houses. These local people were advanced in every way, and creative, liberal, and “free” in their way of life.

Mystique & Theo were captured by the locals of this town and taken to their official ruler – King Gregory I. King Gregory I fully bowed down and was fully devoted to his love – Queen Alice the Great, whom he firmly believed was a Goddess, manifested in flesh. Goddess Alice was much adored and admired by King Gregory I, and therefore by the rest of the town, as well. Many argued that the town was really ruled by Goddess Alice and not King Greg, as he consistently surrendered to her and her judgment, as he was always overcome with her charm, femininity, and power.

Queen Alice was now in the position to decide on what to do with Mystique & Theo. As a standard practice, all intruders and wanderers into their city were killed, for fear of exposing their town to the outside world. However, occasionally, some wanders were kept and enslaved instead. Queen Alice was considering enslaving Theo as a lover. However, it’s the first that she felt particularly drawn to another woman – Mystique, whom she found enticing in a way that she couldn’t quite yet comprehend. Alice had one major dilemma: For whatever reason, King Gregory was in full and complete belief that Mystique is also a Goddess, even though Alice knew that not to be the case. Alice’s dilemma was that if she exposes to King Gregory that Mystique is not a Goddess, then Queen Alice’s own status as a Goddess might be threatened and exposed. Yet, if she played along with the idea of both her and Mystique being goddesses, she felt a tat bit of jealousy towards Greg’s slight adoration for Mystique. She chose to leave the dilemma for the moment and to just play along with the whole Goddess thing…

The scene that was now unfolding was taking place at the main square in front of the Palace. Mystique was held, against her will, publicly addressed, and blindfolded. She was then tied up in ropes and suspended in the air. King Greg and the local people believed that by pleasuring “Goddess” Mystique and by bringing her to a momentous crescendo/climax, the Goddess will bestow good fortune and prosperity on their town. There were rumors around town that King Gregory is a fantastic lover, who has incredible skill and sexual energy, which is precisely the reason why Queen Alice picked him as her favorite lover. King Gregory was very much looking forward to pleasuring Goddess Mystique, but was unsure on how to do so without making Queen Alice jealous. That’s when an idea occurred to both King Gregory and Queen Alice. Queen Alice would be the one mentally pleasuring Queen Mystique, by using King Gregory’s hands, mouth, and body as a physical extension of her mind.

Mystique felt a complex and contrasting set of emotions. On the one hand, she was thought of as a Goddess, the highest status that one can have. She felt admired, adored, and desired. She longed to experience the pleasure of touch, the pleasure of intimate love, and the pleasure that surrender would bring. However, she had a polar opposite simultaneous feeling of being a complete slave. She had no control, she was publicly stripped, she was tied down, she had no control over her pleasure or her body. How could she feel these two extremes all at once? To make it even worse, Queen Alice forced Theo, Mystique’s partner, to watch the entire scene, intensifying everyone’s conflicting feelings of pleasure, lust, jealously, vulnerability, desire, and fun.

Queen Alice, a beautiful, playful, gentle, kind, and yet at times cold-blooded creature, was having a world of fun and amusement in playing with King Gregory and his feelings, who had no choice but to pleasure Goddess Mystique. King Gregory enjoyed a new side of his Queen and enjoyed the animal desire & service to Goddess Mystique, while at the same time being careful in walking a fine razor blade-thin line of not betraying Queen Alice in succumbing to the energy of Mystique. Mystique, blindfolded and in her own meditative state, was having her own inner struggle and eventually bit by bit was surrendering to the inevitable…. the inevitable pleasure… the inevitable connection with the Divine…the inevitable Nirvana…”

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