Incredibly Hott scenes coming up

I’m incredibly excited by not 1, not 2 but 3 HOT scenes coming up on October 20th during the Sex Club Tour! Uffff these are probably the spiciest and most varied and WILD scenes we have had to date! And trust me when I say this – we’ve had some incredibly sexy ones (read more on the previous experiences here)…

So here’re the scenarios that will take place this coming Friday! P.S. There are only 2 spots available for this event, to register please sign up here:

  • Our tall, dark, and handsome male model and his beautiful Dominatrix (both clients of mine that will meet each other at the tour!) had a joint fantasy of CBT (not the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy kind), bondage, tease, and denial. I’m incredibly excited about this scene!!
  • Our second male model is shy about going on the cross and being played with by multiple women but might get the courage to experience impact, sensation play as well as tease and denial in front of the crowd
  • Lastly, a potentially most arousing of all is a beautiful female model fully restrained and forced to experience pleasure over and over again at the hands of an experienced dungeon master

All of this is taking place this coming Friday, we have a wonderful supportive group of open-minded and -hearted folks to help us out with this fantasy. Also, I am honored to welcome Greg (world-class rope master, professional Dungeon Master, amazing dominant and BDSM artist I respect so very much). I really look forward to dominating S. as part of our Friday trio 🙂 Stay tuned!!

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