Pleasure and Pain

MMMM… Delicious Sex Club tour yet again!!

We had 3 hot scenes learning and practicing our Domination and Submission skills. Our models have endured lots of pain, pleasure, tease, and denial, and quite a range of various sensations and experiences!! So enriching and educational for all. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, I really appreciate you! Incredible open-minded and hearted people, great communicators, deviant, playful, and creative!!! Kudos on your first Domination scene, Goddess Angelina, and thank you to both of our courageous models! Greg, our incredible lifestyle dominant, guide, and DM – we deeply appreciate everything you taught us!! A separate heartfelt thank you goes out to the X Club for hosting us!!

Stay tuned for the next tour announcement coming soon!

Here’s some feedback from a few participants:

“The tour was fascinating and educational. Always great to meet new people. My night was mind-blowing.”

“You looked just amazing and thank you for running the night so smoothly! Time flew by very fast.”

“Evguenia, overall it was just an amazing night!”

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