Holiday Offer – Individual and Couple Gift Cards + Magnificent Bonus Bundle

Wonderful Holiday Offer:

Gift Certificates for your loved ones (This includes you!)*

  • Starting from $140 for 50 minute individual sessions
  • Includes personalized session and follow-up email with helpful resources
  • Sessions focus on unleashing your best potential, charisma and dating guidance or attraction boost, experiencing healing and blissful pleasure, embracing deeper satisfaction, connection and intimacy  
  • Give your loved ones a gift of love and pleasure

Limited to first 11 Customers ONLY: Get the Passion & Love Bonus Bundle with Your Purchase ($750 Value) before they expire**:

  1. Sexual Confidence Masterclass to learn 5 important keys to embracing your sexual confidence ($299 Value)
  2. The Best You Masterclass to learn 5 important keys to embracing inner peace, self-confidence, and deep fulfillment. ($299 Value)
  3. 10 Ways to Channel Your Sexual Energy Booklet to embrace blissful pleasure ($99 Value)
  4. 9 Steps to Boost Self Confidence Booklet to embrace feeling confident and desirable ($99 Value)
  5. Unleash Passion Play Date Ideas to blow your partner’s mind and spark passionate intimacy ($99 Value)
  6. Alice in PolyLand PDF book of erotica and practical tips to learn more about alternative relationships/sexuality lifestyle ($30 Value)
  7. Love + Passion Coupons for spicy date nights ($29 Value)
  8. Daily Grounding & Intention Setting Positivity Routine Meditation to start your days right ($99 Value)
  9. Deep Energy Healing Meditation for deep healing transformation ($99 Value)
  10. Intention Manifestation Meditation to achieve your ultimate dreams ($99 Value)
  11. Multidimensional Body Scan Meditation to deepen your connection with yourself and start releasing your blockages and experience profound pleasure ($99 Value)

*Sessions expire after 6 months from the date of purchase
**Our Holiday Deals Promotion ends December 31! Available to first 11 customers only

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