you helped me break my anxiety and fear barriers today

Break through Anxiety & Fear

“You helped me break my anxiety and fear barriers today… It was really life enriching experience… Thank you!” A. S. Private Adult […]

Kink Party Private Tour

Wild Kink Party Private Tour

This coming Saturday, September the 15th! Would you like to see what happens at amazing Kink Play parties firsthand? I’m happy to […]

Sex is the best exercise

Sex is the best exercise

“Sex is the best exercise!” Like if you agree and share with your loved ones 😉 Having sex is very beneficial to […]

I licked it so it's mine

I licked it

“I licked it so it’s mine.” 😉 ‘Nough said 🙂

ease and support

Felt Completely at Ease and Open

“Evguenia, thank you so much for yesterday’s evening! It was a very informative sessions and so much fun! I think those of […]

sexy part of you

The Sexy part of you

The sexy part of you… The wild animal inside – does she feel free to express her desires, needs, wants, horniness? Does […]


September – October Events

Save the dates & Join me for Sensual, Playful and Educational workshops and private tours ❤️ #sensuality #sexpert #sexyed #energyhealing #energytherapy #meditation […]

excellent feedback

Excellent feedback

“Excellent Feedback from the event!” Fatima Mechtab, Marketing Manager / Event Producer Oasis Aqualounge I’ve been so fortune to be able to […]