Adding Spice & Playfulness to Established Relationships – Workshop – 10/11/2018

Relationship Spice
Upcoming Workshop at Good for Her – Adding Spice and Playfulness to Established Relationships

Reaching out to everyone who’s felt a bit of monotony, predictability in their relationship lately or in the past and would like to spice things up. Also, to those that have a great relationship but would love to learn new skills on bringing more passion and play in and seeing your partner with the new set of eyes. I believe sky is the limit in terms of what one can learn about sexuality and pleasure! Singles and couples – welcome!

Long term  relationships are great source of comfort, love and support for so many of us. However, sexual relationships often suffer from monotony and predictability over time. Learn the reasons why a long term relationship love life can suffer and what you can do to spice things up.

We will cover:

  • Opposing human needs
  • Uncovering issues
  • Turn ons and turn offs
  • Self-awareness and confidence exercises
  • Connection deepening exercises – meditative practice
  • Communication skills
  • Intention setting goals
  • Non-monogamous options

All genders orientations and relationship statuses welcome.

Date: October 11, 7.00-9.30 PM
Location: Good for Her, 175 Harbord Street
Price: $35 pp

To purchase tickets please visit Event Listing Page

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