Relationship Spice

Relationship Spice Workshop

Just wanted to quickly remind you guys about the upcoming Relationship Spice workshop. I’ve been married for 22 years – and let […]

Orgasm on demand

Orgasm on Demand – Erotica

Orgasm on Demand Sex Club. Evening. Different types of rope, floggers, nipple clamps, vibrators and other toys from sensual heaven – all […]

relationship spice

Relationship Spice

Relationship Spice I have been married for 26 years… I know, I know – people don’t live that long 😉 The truth […]

adding spice and playfulness to relationships

Upcoming Workshop: Relationship Spice

One more upcoming workshop (time to focus on pleasure and higher vibrating energies) : Adding Spice and Playfulness into Established Relationships. Once […]

Huge Change

“It was like a light switch turned on. I didn’t turn into a sappy mess in my profession, but I did start […]

Self Care video on sexuality

Self Care Sexuality

Self Care: Sexuality I speak to a lot of mothers and busy people who are at their wits’ end with worries, stress […]