Astral Healing Story

Astral Healing Story

A beautiful woman he her late thirties came to the session and we spoke of her childhood, how uncomfortable she felt in her own skin growing up. She mentioned that under the veneer of an established, confident and outspoken business woman, she’s still hiding insecurities that link back to her earlier experiences in life.

I asked her to lay down on the table, relax and enjoy a Full Spectrum Healing. This is a healing I typically do when a client first comes in, it’s a great introductory healing that balances person’s energy field and charges it. Usually clients feel very relaxed, some fall asleep and are generally very refreshed at the end. Some tell me they experience a sense of weightlessness, happiness and bliss, others fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

As soon as I got to the client’s solar plexus chakra that is usually responsible for Self Esteem, I noticed that I needed to switch into a more dynamic healing. Charging the stagnated energy, removing lots of negative emotions and clearing blocks I switched into an Astral Healing. I told the client to just breathe and feel the emotions as they surface. She started experiencing waves of energy moving out of her field. Sensing the blocks physically and emotionally as pressure and sense of loneliness.

I supported her through this deep and emotional healing and cleared all of the blockages and residue out of the Third Chakra. Flowed in beautifully vibrating energy of self-love and confidence, closed the field with a protective shield. She felt much lighter and at peace even though the active part of the experience was quite uncomfortable.

Sometimes, one just has to follow the wave, surrender and trust the journey it takes you on. She later wrote to me that the healing greatly boosted her confidence and made her feel more love towards the wounded child with self-esteem issue she had inside.

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