Wounded Children

Wounded Children

I had mentioned a term “wounded child” in a few of my posts so far… So who are these wounded children, where do they come from and reside?

I’ve met two of my most outspoken ones a while back. One of them was a little girl, around 7 years old. She’s come up whenever I felt alone, abandoned and unloved. This was a child who really needed attention. Love. Care. She needed to feel important and multiple times she longed to feel it from people who were not really able to give it to her.

The second child was a playful teenager – seductive, flirtatious a bit self-absorbed. She demanded satisfaction, attention that was more sexual in nature, play time and fun.

With time, I learned how these two children appeared and lived in my psyche. I knew that each of them had a need associated with them that I had to meet. Each had to be parented by me, be held, loved, played with and attended to.

Do you have any wounded children you know off? What are their needs? How do you interact with them? Do you love them, teach and parent them? Or dislike, ignore and are ashamed?

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